Benefit From Complete Peace of Mind by ringfencing and protecting your home from 3rd party attacks for the rest of your life, and by making sure your home will bypass probate when you die, and also ensuring your children can inherit the easiest, fastest, safest way they possibly can.


Like Mr & Mrs Swaine, you can feel much more content with the proper planning in place.

Mr and Mrs Swaine

Case Study Five

Mr and Mrs Swaine
  • We felt insecure and exposed with just having mirror Wills. All of the ‘What If’s’ in life were a worry with just having basic planning
  • We are now happy that our home is secure and protected for the future.
  • It took less than 30 minutes to get everything in place.
“We were told about the possibility of sorting out our financial future by putting our home and other relevant finances into this ‘Trust’. We were anxious about what to do and how to go about it and unsure about it being right for us….We scheduled a meeting with Graeme who made us feel reassured and confident that this was the way forward enabling us to feel confident in having a discussion with our family to let them know what we had put in place for the future. 
To anybody thinking of discussing their options don’t hesitate it is a smooth process with no pressure at any time. Every detail was explained in a way you could understand.  You are never talked down to or made to feel inferior asking questions! Life has suddenly become much clearer and you can plan for your future content that the Trust has your back!”
Mrs V Swaine
Case Study 4

Case Study Four

Mr and Mrs Gilson
  • Had financial worries as husband had taken business risks
  • All the worry was taken away
  • Less than 30 minutes

“I can’t thank rightplan.legal enough. The process was so easy and in one foul swoop we sorted everything out. Our house is safe and protected for the rest of our lives. A great weight has been lifted from my mind” Mrs Gilson

Case Study Three

Case Study Three

Mr and Mrs Richardson
  • Concerned how future life events could affect their assets
  • Relieved they got it all sorted
  • Less than 30 minutes

“We had put off making a Will for so long and didn’t realise there was a much better way to do it instead of it all being sorted after we had passed away. We are feeling very happy with what is now in place” Mr Richardson

Case Study Two

Case Study Two

Mr and Mrs Middleton
  • Assumed it would cost too much
  • Happy they had proper planning in place and paid a great price for it
  • Less than 30 minutes

“We were more than happy with the easy service and were shocked, in a good way, at the price. Our friends had done something similar with a solicitor in town and we were put off by the price. This was one of the reasons we kept putting it off. Using Rightplan was the best thing we could have done” Mrs Middleton

Case Study One

Case Study One

Mr and Mrs Graham
  • Worried and anxious
  • Relaxed and worry free
  • Less than 30 minutes

“I feel so much happier knowing that I’ve got this sorted. It was good having things explained in an easy to understand way. I would definitely tell you to speak Rightplan.legal. You won’t regret it”  Mrs Graham