Married Retired homeowners: achieve complete peace of mind by ring fencing and protecting your home from 3rd party attacks for the rest of your life.

Whilst at the same time avoiding Probate when you die and whilst also ensuring your children inherit in the safest, quickest and easiest way possible

Hello, My name is Graeme Stewart and I am the owner and co-founder here at Rightplan.legal. At the time of recording this we are a relatively new business but I have been in this industry for around 8 years and have worked for a number of law firms and have advised thousands of clients on how best to protect their homes. My co-founder, Peter Maughan, is a qualified solicitor and has been advising clients since 1978 when I was just out of nappies.

We help homeowners to put the right level of planning in place for their circumstances. Every family is different but we are all living longer and with that comes potential problems with health the older we get. Not many people know that there are two types of planning when it comes to signing a document which will deal with your estate when we are gone. There is Life planning and Death Planning. Most of us use Death planning which is making a Will. This is because most of us don’t know there is another, much better document. The problem with Wills is that they only take effect when we die. Hence the term death planning. There are many things that can happen in between the length of time of making a will and dying. You or your partner could become ill and go into care. You are your spouse could die and the other could remarry. Your Will does nothing to protect assets whilst you are alive. This is why a Will, in many cases, can be a bad idea for home owners. So let’s look at life planning. There is a document which when signed, takes effect now, whilst you are alive. It protects assets from whatever life may throw at you in between signing it and passing away and beyond.  The old way of planning your estate, using Wills, just doesn’t stand up to this new world because Wills only take effect when you are gone. They don’t protect any assets whilst you are alive. Rightplan.legal clients have the peace of mind to know that their home is protected during their lifetime to ensure it is still there at the end of their life to pass on to their children. We actually use law which has been around for over 600 years and was invented by the wealthy to preserve their wealth for future generations. It’s sometimes called bloodline planning. Now that most of your generation own your own home, you should at least take a look at why this type of planning is so much more beneficial for people who own large assets. Most people don’t know about this other type of planning because it’s very specialised. I have set this business up to make this type of planning more accessible and extremely cost effective, meaning that now anyone who owns their own home can ringfence and protect it for future generations.


There are so many other benefits to this type of planning which we want to tell you about. At this stage we are only interested in providing you with the right information. You can then decide what you think is the best thing to do for your family.


Below are some real clients we have helped and they started here, by taking the quiz and finding out if our service is the right fit. 

If you don’t have time to take the quiz, we can send you a download with some valuable information. We have so much to tell you that we have broken it down into bite size chunks so please fill your information in below so we can start the ball rolling at a pace dictated by you.….


There is another, longer video on this website, which goes into more detail about the problems your generation face and how your current planning will stand up to certain scenarios and how this new to you type of planning is so much better, but you will need a few cups of tea or coffee to get through that one. You can watch it in stages though as it’s over an hour long and there is a link to it below this video.


So if you want to achieve the highest levels of peace of mind when it comes to your home and the future, please take the quiz to make sure that you fit the profile of someone we can help. We can then take it at your pace with the ultimate goal of you being able to make an informed decision. 


Bye for now

Mr and Mrs Swaine

Case Study Five

Mr and Mrs Swaine
  • We felt insecure and exposed with just having mirror Wills. All of the ‘What If’s’ in life were a worry with just having basic planning
  • We are now happy that our home is secure and protected for the future.
  • It took less than 30 minutes to get everything in place.
“We were told about the possibility of sorting out our financial future by putting our home and other relevant finances into this ‘Trust’. We were anxious about what to do and how to go about it and unsure about it being right for us….We scheduled a meeting with Graeme who made us feel reassured and confident that this was the way forward enabling us to feel confident in having a discussion with our family to let them know what we had put in place for the future. 
To anybody thinking of discussing their options don’t hesitate it is a smooth process with no pressure at any time. Every detail was explained in a way you could understand.  You are never talked down to or made to feel inferior asking questions! Life has suddenly become much clearer and you can plan for your future content that the Trust has your back!”
Mrs V Swaine
Case Study 4

Case Study Four

Mr and Mrs Gilson
  • Had financial worries as husband had taken business risks
  • All the worry was taken away
  • Less than 30 minutes

“I can’t thank rightplan.legal enough. The process was so easy and in one foul swoop we sorted everything out. Our house is safe and protected for the rest of our lives. A great weight has been lifted from my mind” Mrs Gilson

Case Study Three

Case Study Three

Mr and Mrs Richardson
  • Concerned how future life events could affect their assets
  • Relieved they got it all sorted
  • Less than 30 minutes

“We had put off making a Will for so long and didn’t realise there was a much better way to do it instead of it all being sorted after we had passed away. We are feeling very happy with what is now in place” Mr Richardson

Case Study Two

Case Study Two

Mr and Mrs Middleton
  • Assumed it would cost too much
  • Happy they had proper planning in place and paid a great price for it
  • Less than 30 minutes

“We were more than happy with the easy service and were shocked, in a good way, at the price. Our friends had done something similar with a solicitor in town and we were put off by the price. This was one of the reasons we kept putting it off. Using Rightplan was the best thing we could have done” Mrs Middleton

Case Study One

Case Study One

Mr and Mrs Graham
  • Worried and anxious
  • Relaxed and worry free
  • Less than 30 minutes

“I feel so much happier knowing that I’ve got this sorted. It was good having things explained in an easy to understand way. I would definitely tell you to speak Rightplan.legal. You won’t regret it”  Mrs Graham

Protect your estate in the same way as the rich have been doing for centuries. Accessible to all. Power to the people.


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